Practice History

Our aim is to provide friendly, comprehensive and personal family health care.

Team Picture

Dr. Howie had been working in the Larne area since 1986 and established a new practice with Dr. Heather Carlisle in August 1999. The practice always aimed to provide a family orientated service to the patients.

Dr. Carlisle was instrumental in establishing the practice and concentrated on providing a traditional family practice with the highest standards. Dr. Carlisle herself was troubled with ill health and sadly passed away in April 2008. Her death was felt deeply by the practice team and patients alike.

Dr. Roma Caldwell joined the practice as a partner in June 2008 but had been working there since September 2006.

Dr Wallace worked with the practice since September 2008 and joined as a full-time partner in April 2009.  She left the practice in March 2015 to move closer to home.

Dr Paul Brown was a Trainee GP with the Practice and came on board permanently from April 2014.  Dr Eve Armstrong joined the Practice in September 2016 and both Dr Brown and Dr Armstrong became Partners from April 2017. 

After 32 year working in General Practice, Dr Howie retired from the Practice in June 2018 to spend some much deserved time with family. 

Dr Nick Gardner joined the Partnership in October 2018 and everyone within the practice continues to work as a family and has high work ethics and standards; this has resulted in the practice being as effective and efficient as possible whilst providing patients with 100% care and attention. Dr Gardner left the Practice in 2022 and moved into a teaching/training role.

Dr Crona Casey jointed the Partnership in October 2022. Dr Casey had been a former Trainee with the Practice.

In October 2023 Larne Family Practice and Dr’s Black & Lalsingh’s Practice merged to become Larne Medical Practice. The custom of family practice continues today and will always remain paramount to the entire practice team.