COVID Vaccine Update

We and many other Practices have just been advised that we will not be receiving any Covid Vaccine supplies this week. We will therefore not be able to run covid vaccination clinics next week.

Northern Ireland Health and Personal Services your rights

Any person using the Northern Ireland Health and Personal Services has the right to:

  • be treated courteously with respect for their privacy, dignity and religious and cultural beliefs
  • receive care and treatment on the basis of need regardless of your ability to pay
  • receive emergency care at any time
  • be given clear information about any treatmentor care proposed, including any risks and anyalternatives, and to have your own wishes taken into account as far as possible
  • give or withhold your consent to medical or other care or treatment
  • choose whether or not you wish to take part in research or student training
  • see any reports made for insurance or employment purposes and information held about you on computer

You can view or download further information by clicking on the link shown below: