Family Support

Finance Support Service (in times of crisis and need)

If you have a financial crisis you can apply for Discretionary Support or a Short Term Benefit Advance via a dedicated freephone service.
0800 587 2750

Family Support NI

Do you have a child with a disability and are worried about finding suitable childcare? Or are you worried about the cost? Finding childcare for your child can be a stressful and worrying time, and may seem a lot more stressful if you are trying to find childcare to meet any additional needs your child may have.

Home Start

Home-Start is a local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with young children through their challenging times. We are there for parents when they need us the most because childhood can’t wait.

Action for Children

Every family needs a bit of support from time to time. We’re here to help. We work with families from before children are born until they’re in their twenties. We do this in lots of different ways – in local services, schools and online. We step in early to help build positive relationships. We bring parents together at support groups and in our children’s centres. We offer advice and help with parenting skills. And we never, ever judge.

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Information and available benefits for your family from

Family Lives

Family Lives is a national charity providing support in all aspects of family life.
0808 800 2222